In The Doldrums

I am the everloving laziest. I just could not get it up to post last week, or the week before, or (most of) the week before that. I’m lame, man. But I’m glad to be getting back on the horse.

First things first, something exciting is happening on the summer plans front, but the internet is not the place to share. Besides, if you read this, its probably because you are one of my dear friends and I’ve already told you my news five gazillion times anyway (and you’re sick of it). Other than that fashion elephant in the room, I’m in the total doldrums, clothing-wise. I’m broke, in the manner of college students everywhere, so I’m just sticking with adaptations on my existing wardrobe, hopefully in a way that is still creative despite being in the awkward phase of the winter-to-spring transition.

In that spirit, I’m going with thematically springy layering, with some mild trend-hopping. Below, you can see a poorly-photographed progression towards my outfit for tomorrow.

I’m starting with this cute, floral sundress that I bought from the place I worked this summer (40% off employee discount, ftw!) It wasn’t on the rack, which means its probably less “vintage” than it is “fifties retro made in the eighties.” That’s cool though, its still painfully adorable.

However, I’m actually going to take a cue from my blogging idol, Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller, and layer a sweater right over an otherwise sexy sundress. This green sweater did not begin life in all of its current cropped glory; I bought it at Marshalls for ten bucks in 2009 and decided a few months ago that it needed a little bit of an update. I cut off the bottom third, and ended up with the perfect companion piece for hipster-y layers.

Last but not least are the accessories. To polish the look off I added my favorite (legitimately) vintage yellow glass necklace, ruffled ankle socks, and brown “leather” platform sandals.

When all is said and done, the trend tally here is pretty intense. I’ve got color-blocking, socks-with-sandals, neon, and a floral pattern worthy of Mary Katranzou. Maybe I’ll dial it back next time…

Other than this outfit-in-waiting, I only have two other items of news.

The first is this:

I had a fairly successful run at recreating the “Slim Silhouette” nail art from Prabal Gurung’s Spring 2012 show. Also, I’m ludicrously excited about his collaboration with Sally Hansen, definitely planning on buying some of these.

I also bought one teeny-tiny thing, despite my brokeness:

The vintage stalls at Market Monday got me again. Its a brooch, shaped like a moth! How rad is that? I don’t generally dig the butterfly thing, cause its a little dangerously Lolita for someone who already looks as young as I do. Fortunately, however, this looks more like something a grandma would wear. Plus its got pave rhinestones, which I always dig.

Alrighty, my fashion battery needs a recharge. Hopefully something exciting will happen in the next week or so, and I’ll be back for a juicy 21st post. (Jungle-juicy, because my blog will be old enough to drink? Perhaps, we’ll come back to that.)