The Back of my iPhone

At this point, it probably isn’t even worth saying something about how I never ever post. I got busy, and that’s probably not going to change, so I think I just have to be okay with only posting once or twice a month. I also haven’t had a really compelling reason to write anything. My budget is even tighter than before, so I haven’t purchased anything new/pretty. However, I still felt like whipping something together, cause its study week and blogging is a great form of procrastination. Since I don’t have anything particularly spectacular to show all of y’all, I hunted down a few photographic odds and ends that had been gathering cyber-dust on my iPhone. I have shots of outfits, accessories, cosmetics, and some of the tidier areas of my dorm room before I move out for the summer.

I have a fairly substantial little garden in my room, and this picture shows my four succulent plants. I don’t get a lot of sun in my room, so the desert natives are closest to the window. My building has incredibly depressing grey hallways, so I like having lots of life and color in my room. Its a cheerful (but messy) haven in my dark, architecturally strange dorm.

This is a shot from a day where I was having particularly strong Jean Seberg inclinations. I don’t have a Dior dress like the one she wears in Breathless, but at least I got the stripes and pouffy quality of the skirt right.

This is my very small collection of vintage rock posters. I bought them at a flea market when I was fourteen or fifteen from an aging hippie with a truckload of old vinyl and memorabilia. Now that I’m looking at this photo, I realize it would be kinda cool in chronological order, from Beatles to Janis to Queen. Incidentally alphabetical too.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with nail polish recently. This was a triangular variation on the Slim Silhouette nails I’ve been experimenting with lately. I was going for kind of an ikat thing with turquoise, coral, and silver. Perhaps not surprisingly, I’d been looking at a lot of fashion photos from Coachella at the time…

Here’s a great example of my obsession with making my room bright and cheerful, even at the risk of intense color clashing. I have a few jewel-tone pillows on my bed, and they are generally propped up against my equally vivid wall hanging. The wall hanging is a Versace-inspired printed piece of canvas from Lady Gaga’s set in Toronto from her last tour. It wasn’t designed to go on a wall, so its kind of a funny, irregularly quadrilateral shape.

Another shot of my mini-garden. These are all the non-succulent plants, relegated to my desk because they need less sunlight. They’re mostly baby spider plants, born from the mama-plant in the turquoise pot, and then transferred to various glass bottles and tin cans. The only exception is the parsley plant in the dark green pot.

When I have a lot of work, I tend to put it off by either posting here, or working on crafty projects like this one. This is a process henceforth known as procraftination, and its the classier cousin of procrasturbation. I posted here about my newfound love of detachable collars, but I was too cheap to buy one when I knew I could make it instead. I cut the collar off of a thrifted dress shirt, switched the plain white button out for a cool brass one, and added some beaded lapel accents. Voila, a detachable collar for free!

This is a bookshelf full of some of my favorite things. The top shelf is a mix of personal and academic books. This includes my personal bible, Generation T, in addition to the actual bible, which is something of a necessity for a religious studies major. In addition to loads of other fantastic books, this shelf also contains The Power of Myth, by Joseph Campbell, which is special for two reasons. 1) Joseph Campbell is the scholar who inspired me to become a religion major and 2) it was the first gift my boyfriend ever gave me. The bottom shelf also has a bunch of gifts from people special to me. The toast coasters are from my brother, and the mug on top is from my sister. The floral mug is from my mom, and the math mug is from that aforementioned boyfriend. The candy in the middle is more Gaga swag, from her pop-up shop at Barney’s this winter.

Last but not least, another photo of nail art. This is a not-very-inspired tripartite variation on that same Prabal Gurung design that I’ve been messing with. I actually really like the retro simplicity of it, so I might go back to this gold, turquoise, gold pattern at some point.

Anywho, thats all I’ve got today. Once my high-fashion summer starts up, I hope to have lots of great stories to share.