I’m An Unreliable Poster, But Everybody Be Cool

I lied last week two weeks ago when I said I was going to post immediately after my collars post. But, you see, a) I didn’t realize it was a lie AND b) some very exciting sartorial shit went down in my life, so I was a little bit distracted. First order of business is that fashion internships exist, and I hope to have one this summer. And that vague statement is all I’m going to say about that, cause I don’t want to jinx everything by plastering it all over the internet. But it rhymes with Schmonde Schnast.

Secondly, I have been on spring break for the past two weeks, which gave me plenty of time to partake in my favorite wallet-draining pastime: shopping. I spent most of my break at home in MA, and dragged my mother (bless her willing-to-let-me mooch heart) to the really fancy mall for a couple of chic-but-professional necessities. These items are as follows:

This outrageously neon-y silk blouse from J. Crew. I’m always in the market for a vibrant blouse that I can button all the way up, preferably sheer. This blouse is indeed sheer, and exceeded all of my expectations with the glory of its acid yellow color. I still haven’t worn it, I’m saving it for the perfect moment in which to contrast it in a mind-boggling manner with my pasty, pasty skin.

I also got this darling drop-waist dress from Anthropologie, which is all adorable with its polka-dots and puffy sleeves, but refreshingly done in orange and grey. Its on the border of being too saccharine, but the color combo just about rescues it. Plus, I own several pairs of ruffly, lace socks, so I’m really in no position to make that judgment.

Because I love a good bargain, I also made a stop at Marshalls. Though Marshalls can be hit or miss, I’ve found some great stuff over the years, particularly in the shoes, accessories and home wares sections. This mission was a definite hit, especially on the shoe front.

I love super-high heels, but only when they’re stable enough to support my weight. I tried on some gorgeous Vince Camuto pumps once, and I couldn’t even stand still in them without feeling like I was about to topple over. These patent pumps are around the 4″ mark, but plenty stable thanks to the chunky heel. Plus I needed a new pair of basic black pumps, and these were only $15.

These blue patent Enzo Angiolini peep-toes have an even higher heel, coming in at 4.5″, counting the platform. Though these definitely qualify as stilettos, they’re surprisingly comfortable for their height. Meaning that I can wear them for three hour (mostly seated) stretches without needing to take them off; comfort is definitely a relative concept.

I also managed to score this Cynthia Rowley trench coat. Though arguably my most utilitarian purchase, this is one chic piece of outerwear. The silhouette is gorgeous, and I love the neutral color-blocking. And it will help me in my constant struggle against NYC’s frequent flash rain-storms.

So, conclusion: I bought plenty of clothes while I was home. And then came a five-day interlude in the middle of break during which I went first to Vermont and then to NYC with my boyfriend. I know what you’re wondering. Yes, I definitely bought more stuff. I dragged him to Urban Outfitters, because I needed a couple of last minute things for Scmonde Schmast, and he came with me because he is a kind and tolerant soul. He even willingly bought himself some new clothes, despite being generally indifferent to fashion beyond his basic everyday wardrobe. While he was checking out menswear, I hunted down a couple of simple pieces with nice high-waisted silhouettes.

These blue, silky paper-bag trousers were exactly the kind of thing I wanted to add to my wardrobe. They’re cropped at the ankle, and high-waisted for optimal crop-top integration. These are THE hipster pants of the spring, and I plan to enjoy the heck out of them before they fall apart thanks to Urban Outfitter’s classic shoddy craftsmanship. More to the point, they’ll look badass with my yellow shirt, though the combo may be a little bit seizure-inducing.

In other high-waisted news, these black flat-front shorts were a staple that I badly needed to add to my collection. They go with virtually everything, and I’ve been meaning to buy something like this for at least a year and a half. What my plain black skinnies are to winter, these are to spring/summer (henceforth known as sprimmer). Ideally, I would have like three pairs of these, so that I could just rotate them out, and never have to go without on laundry day. Though I think wearing the same thing every day might ruin any style cred that I have.

Once I finished with my NYC shopping, I got to actually wear my new duds out and about in the city. In addition to my shopping trip to Soho and my adventures in Midtown, I went with my boyfriend for sushi and weird juice with celery and St. John’s wort in it. We also went to the North End Grille for dinner one night, and to Craft for the dinner the night after. My entree at the North End Grille was tasty but unremarkable, though the pot de creme caramel dessert I had was arguably the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted. And Craft was generally amazing. I had pasta stuffed with beans, brussel sprouts with bacon, and passion fruit/jalapeno sorbet. All weird-sounding combinations that were insanely yummy in execution.

Sadly, the tasty and fashion-forward adventure that was spring break eventually had to end, and now I’m back at school. But luckily for me, today was Market Monday, and the vintage/consignment vendors were back in the College Center. And it was almost 80 degrees, so I had an excuse to buy some warm-weather gear!

I found this 90’s-cute floral sheath at one stall, for just $15. I’ll probably get a lot of use out of it if the weather stays like it is right now, and its definitely a versatile garment that I can wear into the winter as well. I also nabbed a sterling and carnelian ring, and the red belt featured below in my outfit for today.

This is what I had to change into after realizing that the long-sleeved-but-otherwise-identical dress that I was wearing before was way too warm for this bizarrely summery March. Conveniently, the belt went well with the rest of the look. And between the color combination and the pose, it makes me feel like the lady version of Superman. Not Wonderwoman, mind you, but specifically like a female Superman.


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