Hot Damn, I Have a New Favorite Trend

I plan to have a big, exciting post sometime tomorrow or the day after, but today I am here to talk to you about detachable collars. I decided I couldn’t wait, because I am really into the way this looks, and may be sporting one or two of my very own before long. This is one of the best spins on a retro accessory that I’ve ever seen, and its making quite a splash at the moment.

The trend harkens back to the detachable linen collars men used to have for their dress shirts, but I would argue that the revitalization started with the Man Repeller collaboration with DANNIJO to create MR DANNIJO and this piece of wonder:

Incidentally, this collar is also the cover piece for a SHEfinds article on detachable collars. If you’re a fan of Ms. Medine’s generally badassery (as I am) you’ve probably seen this collar floating around her website for about a year now. However, it has taken the rest of the fashion world a while to come up with their own adaptations of the trend, adaptations which are friendlier to this blogger, who would prefer a collar that doesn’t chafe. Or stab, for that matter.

The SHEfinds article highlights lots of cute, beribboned, modish collars by the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and Marni, but my personal favorite operates, fortunately, in a much less pricy echelon. Zara is the go-to shop for all girls interested in high fashion at a low price, and it has jumped on this trend with an affordable vengeance.

Two of my favorite things–beading and metallics–coexist beautifully in this piece. I plan on stopping by Zara tomorrow, so this could be my new spring statement piece. I have high hopes for the longevity of this trend, with any luck it will just become one of those looks that gets better with age. Here’s looking at you, color-blocked pumps!

*First photo from DANNIJO website, second from Zara website


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