My Offline Fashion Saga

I feel like I haven’t posted in eons. And thats not because I don’t have anything to post! I have a serious backlog accumulating here, and the internet has missed out on a few choice (by which I mean crazy) outfits. But that is because my academic life and my hopeful fashion life are having a major collision in the real world. A detailed description would be excruciatingly boring, but the upshot is as follows:

Over break, I had this amazing experience working for a badass set design studio, and I decided that I can’t really fuck around anymore. If I want to go into fashion, and continue having that type of amazing experience, I have to do something about it. Since the bachelor’s degree that I’m working towards is not in any way fashion-related, I need to start getting some of the foundational experience that I need if I want to go anywhere in the industry, and more specifically, to Parsons the New School for an MFA. So, I’ve been trying to convince my school to allow me to attend Parsons undergrad for a semester, and still give me academic credit towards my art history minor. Its not working out particularly well, so I’m now looking for alternatives and sending out resumes to fashion publications like nobody’s business. If I hear anything solid as a result of any of this, the internet will be the first to know, but for now its just chaos and confusion.

My other, less life-altering fashion saga was the disappointing purchase of shoes from Rue La La. I had my eye on a gorgeous pair of Steve Madden pumps. Online, they were black suede platform mary-janes. This is what I received in the mail:

Platform? Yes. Everything else? No. Arguably the ugliest shoes I have ever had the pleasure of trying on. Yes, I tried them on. Wouldn’t you? But in any event, they are going back to some Kardashian hell on Tuesday.

To make up for such a heartbreaking fashion tragedy, I bolstered myself today by going to the monthly thrift store in the college center, and hit the jackpot. Maybe not at the Dior level of previous thrift adventures, but I definitely had some substantial wins.

Starting with:

These earrings are the raddest. The lady who sold them to me called them “Joan Crawford earrings.” They cost twelve bucks, and weigh about twelve pounds, but its so worth it! Not to worry though, I have no Mommie Dearest intentions. I just feel glam wearing them.

I also scooped up a couple of scarves from the two-dollar bin. The one on top has a paisley and stripes situation going on, in addition to being hot pink. From the perspective of someone who likes her patterns loud and clashing, this is a total win. The bottom one is black and white, and shows different scenes of architecture in Venice. Its definitely on the dangerously kitschy end of the spectrum, but, again, this is not a problem as far as I’m concerned.

Last but not least, another purse to add to the collection. This one is so painfully seventies that I had to have it. I plan to wear it all summer with my brown platform sandals and possibly bell-bottoms. The whole thing is shiny plastic, and roughly the same texture as those fake wooden panels that station wagons used to have. And of course, nothing says high-style like “seventies car vinyl.”

Hopefully this collection of glorious accessories will keep me going throughout my academia/fashion collision, they’re definitely cheering me up right now. Almost as much as how gorgeous the campus looks when its 52 degrees in February!

See below, gorgeousness!


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