Clashing Patterns: School-day Chic

I am slowly but surely reintegrating into academic life for the new semester. Classes are good, and my professors are interesting, but I’m having to fight to avoid slipping in the classic college bad-dressing pattern. When you don’t have class til noon, its really tempting to sleep in til twenty minutes before class, and go in leggings and an oversized sweater. Which is at least a step up from the lazy uniform at my school: Uggs, leggings-as-pants, and school sweatshirt. That kind of ensemble is a horrible fate that I dread; everyone can have their comfy days on occasion, but there is just never a need for Uggs. And I tend to feel more energized when I get my shit together and put on real clothes, so I’m trying to keep laziness at bay by planning out complete outfits with multiple steps and accessories. I spent the whole week indulging in sloppiness because I was sick and it was really cold out, but now I am kicking myself into gear and saying no more! In that spirit, I chose the warmest day of the week, and put on… a dress.

And not only a dress, but a cute mini-sheath with a fun pattern and colorful accessories. Nothing feels better than getting my fashion fix after a such a sartorially-lacking week. The dress is something I picked up at Zara over the summer. Originally bought for a wedding, it transitions very nicely from formal to casual. I’m wearing it with my much-lauded Dior scarf, and a stripy, super-preppy belt that I think originally came with a pair of shorts from Limited Two… Which, if you don’t remember, was a mildly trashy kids clothing store that you may have shopped at in your early youth. I certainly did. Needless to say, that belt was not a waist belt when I originally bought it.

Here’s a close up shot of the belt in all of its glory. Also, as you have probably noticed, I am really into mixing patterns, and this shot gives you a nice look at the fictive leopard-ish print on the dress interacting with the paisley on the scarf and the stripes on the belt. I love mixing lots of colors and designs in an outfit, its a lot more fun than having to wear black on black on charcoal gray in order to feel chic.

And, because I haven’t added enough contrasting elements already, here’s a shot of my hand, freshly decked out with the blingy Banana Republic bracelet my boyfriend gave me for Christmas, my ring, and a coat of my favorite new seafoam-green nail-polish.

And, because I love the way my nail-polish and bracelet look together, one last close-up of this fanciness!

After a week of being sniffly and lame and feeling sorry for myself, dressing up cheers me up so much. That doesn’t mean I won’t be reaching for an oversized sweater again sometime next week, but it definitely feels good to wear pretty clothes right now.


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