New Jeans: One Small Step on My Journey to Becoming a 1960’s Icon

I’ve been offline for awhile now, thanks to a combination of factors, including losing my internet connection for a few days and coming down with a brutal cold. However, my pursuit of new clothing is unrelenting, so I’m behind on sharing a new and exciting purchase with the web.

I have made no secret of my intense admiration of the “it” girls of the 1960’s. As far as I’m concerned, the fashion industry as we know it began in the 1960’s. I’m not discounting the couturiers and milliners and bobby-soxers of other decades, I just think that we couldn’t have the cut-throat, glam, runway world that we have today without the likes of Twiggy, Edie, Audrey, and Jeans Shrimpton and Seberg. My interest in the mod aesthetic may also stem from my chronic breastlessness; I need a look that gives me the illusion of curves without requiring them in the first place. All of this adds up to my recent love affair with a pair of dungarees (to use the era-appropriate term) that I thought were lost to me forever.

I saw them once on a flashsale site, but they were already sold out. I waited for months til they resurfaced, and then I pounced. And now, they are mine!

Its not a great shot; as you can probably tell, its my reflection in a mirror. But it doesn’t matter! For behold, I own a pair of high-waisted James Jeans in the aptly-named “Twiggy” cut. For bonus points, I wore them with brown, heeled clogs that sadly look dumb with socks, and are thus no longer weather-appropriate.

I can’t even explain how pleased I am with this purchase. They’re the exact right length, they look rad, and they even create the illusion of a butt. I was slightly worried when they first arrived and they looked kind of baggy and sack-like about the hindquarters.

Fortunately, they are a masterwork of tailoring. They may look unprepossessing off, but fit like a dream on, because–like all carefully-made garments–thats what they were designed to do.

Best of all, now that I have attained denim success, I can transition the heck out of these. For the current below-freezing NY weather, I can add a cropped sweater, a scarf, and high-heeled boots. Once it gets a little warmer, I’ll swap for a blouse tied at the waist, and those clogs will get some more action. When summer hits, I can peg the jeans, go for a cropped tank and switch to platform sandals. So friggin’ versatile it kills me.



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