Happy New Year! Or A Working Holiday in New York City

Once again, I am back from a fab jaunt to New York City. My first two days were excellent but busy. I worked in a very menial, all-hands-on-deck sort of way as an assistant-to-the-assistant-to-the-assistant on a project for a pop star. I was told to stem my gossipy nature and not give any details, but suffice to say that this is an extremely well-known individual. I was insanely thrilled to be there and stared like a fool the entire time. And the best part was that, once my top-secret adventures concluded, I still had New Year’s Eve to look forward to!

This was my first New Year’s with my boyfriend, in the sense that we were both in the same physical location. Last year, I was in Vancouver, which could have been cool, except  that I was by myself, and watching the ball drop three hours early doesn’t have quite the same effect. So again, this was a super exciting event for me. This year, my boyfriend and I went to a couple of parties, watched the ball drop, and got all dressed up. Actually, that last part may have just been me… I went for a Roaring Twenties vibe, in a lace-and-nude shift, black patent Oxford heels, and a red lip. It would have been deeply classy evening if we hadn’t spent most of the night engaged in a flip cup tournament, but it wouldn’t have been as much fun.

Other highlights of my NYC adventures include a dinner at Les Halles Downtown (which is a more laid-back offshoot of Anthony Bourdain’s Brasserie Les Halles) at which I sampled mussels and a celery root coleslaw that blew my mind. I was also treated to dinner at Tamarind Tribeca, which is a delicious Indian restaurant, and also serves as a downtown alternative to a larger flagship restaurant. Here I ate Kachori (lentil patties), Kashmiri Tikki (beetroot patties), Punjabi Tikhe Kabab (chicken with jalapenos and yogurt) and Pastooni Murgh (chicken with chilis, pistachios, and saffron), all of which were insanely tasty. When I include the homemade chicken curry salad provided by my boyfriend’s stepmother, this adds up to serious culinary success.

I also went to both high-and-low-brow movies, and visited the Museum of Natural History and the World Financial Center. I saw A Dangerous Method at the arty Sunshine Cinema, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol at Loews. I enjoyed both equally, but neither shook my world. Unlike the frogs exhibit at the Museum of Natural History, which totally kicked ass! My boyfriend and I may have been the only adults there not accompanied by a million screaming kids, but it was so worth the child-like regression. Conclusion: frogs are freaking awesome. As for the World Financial Center, simply gorgeous.

ALSO: it is important to note that there were some serious fashion highlights to my vacation as well, highlights which take the form of one hat, one purse, and one jacket.

This glorious creation is my brand-new Kangol hat. It was a freebie somebody received, and was unclaimed. Until I claimed it. And this ear-flapped fandango with its Russian vibe and faux fur was exactly what the doctor ordered for braving winter in NYC, and basically for looking fancy all of the time.

I have really begun to amass quite the collection of handbags, and this piece is shaping up to be a gem in my collection. I still love my Fossil bag best, but this suede Prada hand-me-down is a close second, and I love the boho chic, understated look of it.

Last but not least, this leather jacket is a much-needed addition to my closet. This actually predates my trip to New York, but I didn’t have time to post about it before I left. I found this at a consignment shop downtown, at a ridiculously huge discount thanks to the unseasonably warm autumn. Its Marc New York, the leather is butter-soft, and I bought it for $42. This is a garment which should retail for between $400 and $500. Its the tiniest bit too big in the shoulders, but even if I get it tailored, its still cheaper than any other leather jacket I’ve seen on the market. Besides, I’ve been looking for this kind of a piece, and a coat of this caliber–and at this price–doesn’t come around everyday.

In conclusion, this has been a rocking holiday season, and a bargain-hunter’s dream week. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did!


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