Happy Boxing Day!

Today, in the aftermath of our Christmas celebration, my family had an excellent Boxing Day lunch. This is a British tradition brought to my family by my expat father, and is much more popular than any of his other British-isms, like pronouncing yogurt “yaw-gurt” and his  (incorrect) belief that Yes Minister is the most hilarious television show ever made.

In any event, I took this opportunity to break out some of my more fab gifts, which were later reluctantly photographed by my younger sister.


Here I’m wearing a new Cullen cashmere sweater over a blouse from the Gap, a high-waist skirt from Urban Outfitters, and rust-colored fishnets that I got at Topshop three years ago when I was doing a summer program at Cambridge. The shoes are also Urban Outfitters, and are one of my proudest thrifty coups. They were originally something like $200, and I stalked them online for about seven months, until I finally snagged them for $20. Here’s a better shot of what the shoes look like:

Not super-visible in the picture is my much-coveted Le Orange YSL lipstick mentioned here. Totally invisible is my Coco Mademoiselle perfume, but I’m telling you anyway cause fashion is a team sport and perfume is the…midfielder? Linebacker? Sports analogy? Whatever, its an integral part of the outfit. In this case, Coco Mademoiselle adds a little something to the whole schoolgirl-all-grown-up vibe that I was playing with. The final touch on the whole ensemble was this pair of glittery Eiffel Tower earrings, which lend themselves to my mostly neutral color scheme:

I was initially kind of bummed that the only people who would see this outfit were an unappreciative collection of elderly great-aunts and uncles, but I decided to take it two rounds and wear it out with my friends tonight, because I hardly ever get to wear these heels. Which means that now its time to reapply my YSL, lace up my party pumps and let the adventures commence!


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