I Am Actually At The Back Of My Wardrobe.

I mentioned in my last post that I just arrived home for winter break, which means I haven’t done laundry in approximately a month because I was holding out for the free laundry facilities at home. It also means that all of my clean clothes are hopelessly wrinkled from being packed up for almost a week. As a result, I have zero percent of comfortable underwear, and I have been forced to get very creative with my clothing choices. HOWEVER, I think I hit upon relative success today, thanks to the discovery of one last jersey (read: wrinkle-free) dress.

This shot shows most of the outfit, which is comprised of a thrifted Zara dress that I bought when I was maybe thirteen, before I knew what Zara was. I also altered it a few years ago to make it shorter, I just don’t have the height to rock the midi look. Its tied off with a sash that actually goes with another dress, and I have footless tights on underneath, because I am completely out of regular tights, which would be more appropriate for December in Massachusetts. I am also wearing the Belle by Sigerson Morrison flats mentioned here, but I couldn’t find a good way to photograph them without taking them off.

I also have a new Amelie inspired hairdo, and a granny-like interest in buttoning my dress all the way up to my chin. Both were inspired by my recent desire to take fashion inspiration from French movies, which is a) not exactly an original way to get fashion inspiration and b) a testament to how much time I have on my hands with school over. (Not that school ever stopped me from watching six seasons of How I Met Your Mother in two weeks…) I watched Coco avant Chanel yesterday and part of Breathless, which has seriously the most adorable trailer ever. Today, I’ll probably finish Breathless and maybe watch part of Amelie, which will inevitably lead to an inner battle over the merits of my former pixie versus my current Amelie bob.

After that, I will probably go adventuring around the island with my pals from home, who I never get to see during the school year. This is great from a chatting perspective; we share all of our crazy stories and gossip about mutual friends. This is actually a very satisfying way to spend winter break. Our only problem is that it is not great from a gas money perspective, since we usually just end up of driving around aimlessly. We can’t really stop and just hang in the car, because police officers here have nothing better to do than bust kids for loitering.

And then, last night, a Christmas miracle occurred! We found an amazing cafe/froyo place that stays open until eleven! That probably doesn’t sound very exciting if you come from a normal community, but believe me when I say that this is extremely late for the island, which is made up of about 60% senior citizens. This might mark a whole new era in spending time at home, and will probably cut how much we spend on gas by a huge margin. All in all, I would say that this has been a successful week. I managed to eke one last outfit out of my nearly wrung out collection of clothes, and I discovered a borderline-trendy place to conduct gossipy girl time with my ladies. I hope everyone is having such a satisfying eve of Christmas eve!


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