I Win So Hard at Shopping: Vintage Steals and Online Deals

On the first Monday of every month, my school sponsors this thing where local vendors come and sell stuff at the college center, usually for a discount. Most of the time, there are a few people selling vintage jewelry or clothing. The pickings were pretty slim on this particular occasion, but I still managed to scoop up a couple of goodies on the cheap.

The first thing to catch my eye was this oversized black leather clutch. It has a cool geometric shape, and will be super easy to wear. I was in the market for a good black bag, since the one I carry most of the time is brown. Also, this particular item will be perfect for going out, cause it will look all chic and such when I start my night, and it has an optional gold chain strap so that I don’t have to worry about losing it along the way. For example, in the basement of someone’s shed. And to top it all off, it was only five bucks, so mega-score!

The lady that sold me the bag also had a scarf bin, and I always like to pick through the scarves because they’re usually really cheap and if they’re vintage, they have killer patterns. My choice is a teal silk with purple and white paisley. Most of these scarves were priced at two dollars, but the one I grabbed was eighteen. Why the marked price difference? Because this gem is Christian Dior.

There’s always the possibility that its counterfeit, but I’m inclined to think its the genuine article. It has the label, and its stitched into the side, rather than ironed to the bottom corner. The sides were hemmed by hand too, which is usually an indicator that you’re looking at the read deal. Either way, its a gorgeous scarf, so eighteen bucks is a bargain.

My last fashion coup of the day was not a vintage gem-in-the-rough, but rather a pair of shoes that I have stalked assiduously for the past three months, and which finally came in the mail today. They went on sale on My Habit at the end of the summer, but I missed my moment, and they were sold out before I could buy a pair. Then, a few weeks ago, I found them once again, on sale for 75% off. It was fate.

These bad boys are Belle by Sigerson Morrison Push-Tab Flats, in black suede. They were originally around $250, but I nabbed them for closer to $70. They were only available in a size 5, and I normally wear a 6, but I care not! I will make them fit, goddamnit. Because they are beautiful, and they have a leather upper, so they’ll stretch, right? Right.


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