A Top Ten List: Jewelry That I Love

My semester is almost over, which means that finals are rapidly approaching, and I’m wallowing in an untidy sea of papers, presentations, and art history flashcards. As a result, I will either post very infrequently until I come out on the other side, or I will post all the time as a procrastination/coping mechanism. I’m not really sure which extreme we’ll be taking yet, but I do know that I’m having a very difficult time concentrating on my serious academic writing. Therefore, instead of working on my half-finished Kabbalah paper, due tomorrow, I present: my top ten favorite pieces of jewelry!

This pair of opal studs has served me well through the years. Opal is my birthstone, so I have a few pairs of opal earrings, but these are by far my favorites. They’re dressy enough to wear to an interview or to work, but are also funky enough that I don’t feel like I’m compromising my personal style.

This tiny lizard brooch was part of a large collection of costume jewelry that once belonged to my boyfriend’s grandmother. They were getting ready to throw most of it out, so I claimed a few pieces, and this is one of my favorites. I usually wear it either pinned to the lapel of my favorite red blouse, or in the lowest piercing on my left ear, since it is small enough and light enough to be very versatile.

This is another piece of costume jewelry; its a paste-rhinestone cuff that originally belonged either to my great-grandmother or my grandmother. It’s missing a few gems here and there, but its still a fabulous statement piece, and lends a little bit of old Hollywood glamour to any outfit. I like to wear it with my 1940’s black velvet sheath, and red lips.

This silver and abalone butterfly brooch was a gift from my mother when I was ten or eleven. I also have a similar giraffe that my sister rejected, but I prefer this one. Its really easy to wear, and the only piece of sophisticated butterfly jewelry that I have ever owned. I also broke it once, and managed to repair it with gorilla glue, so that was a really proud moment in my young life.

This copper collar is another vintage piece in my collection. I’m not sure exactly how old it is, but I would estimate 1920’s. It was a graduation gift from a close family friend, who is this badass sculptor/painter/jeweler who shaped much of my childhood and introduced me to art in all of its forms. She’s sort of my unofficial godmother. This was a family heirloom of hers that belonged to her grandmother, and then got passed on to me. This is an item that I really treasure.

This is a beautiful Czech glass bracelet that I got as a gift after my grandmother went to Prague. There’s definitely a gift-giving theme going on here, I guess I just like knowing that my jewelry has a legacy and that I will probably pass it on to someone else one day too.

This watch came from the same collection of jewelry as the lizard brooch. It doesn’t work, but the large face and white leather have the mod sixties feel that I tend to go for in my style choices. When I started wearing it, my boyfriend’s stepmom began calling me Rosemary’s Baby. It helps that this watch is actually from the fifties or sixties, so I feel a little bit more legit.

This necklace is less out there than a lot of my other jewelry, but its particularly special to me. It was a gift from my boyfriend on our one-year anniversary, and its really beautiful and simple. I wear it almost every day, plus kudos to him for managing to pick out a nice piece of jewelry.

More costume jewelry. This set of pink faux pearls is a really cool piece that I get a lot of use out of. They’re such a wardrobe staple that when they snapped last year, I restrung the whole set. I bought them at a thrift stall in the market in Winchester. I usually wear them in one long loop, but they also look nice and dramatic as a choker.

Last but not least is my constant companion, this turquoise and silver ring that I wear almost all of the time. Its gorgeous and classy, but still a little 1970’s far-out. It goes with everything. As I’m sure my frequent posting on the topic proves, this ring is the clear favorite of my collection.


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