Continuing Adventures in the Blogosphere

Right now I have this completely unrealistic idea that I will blog every single day. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that this is kind of like any given school year, where you have yourself convinced that you’re really going to have your shit together this time. The point being that writing every day is a bit of lofty goal that I have for myself.  HOWEVER, in the spirit of accomplishing it, I present to you:

Today’s outfit. Generally, I have a rule wherein I try to get to bed by midnight. Inevitably, this means I’m in bed by 1:30, because it takes me an unreasonably long time to choose an outfit for the next day. Thus, I present to you now, the product of anxiety, sleep deprivation, and an hour and a half of tomfoolery—

 I’m wearing a charcoal turtleneck sweater from Zara, grey herringbone sweater tights of unknown origin, and a coral-colored suede-esque paper-bag skirt from Urban Outfitters.
I’m also wearing a vintage 1970’s silver and turquoise ring, and a vintage 1930’s silver collar. My shoes are Canadienne black leather, lace-up ankle boots.
               Of all the items that made up this outfit, the hardest one to wear is the skirt. I hardly ever break it out, because its oddly constricting and prevents me from taking long strides to overcompensate for being short. And, due to its voluminous nature, I can almost never find the right top to wear it with. If I wear it with a t-shirt, it looks too formal. If I wear it with a blouse, I’m drowning in pouffy layers of fabric. But then, the grey turtleneck! It’s the perfect mixture of slouchy and clingy! I can only assume that this match was made in fashion heaven.

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